"Dance to a Healthier You!" by Dance Fitness with Jessica

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"Dance to a Healthier You!" by Dance Fitness with Jessica (Vol. 1)

Follow Dance Fitness with Jessica's 12-Week Transformation Guide HERE - each day should be a new challenge on your fitness journey. The more you learn and adapt it to your life the more you will benefit!

Are you looking for a workout program that both fun easy to learn and fun to stick with? Then this is the DVD for you. Dance Fitness with Jessica host, Jessica Bass has developed an amazing way for you to get in shape, without traditional working out and dieting. All you have to do is DANCE!!! 

With DVD1 you will get instructional training on over 20 different dance fitness routines. Just the practice you put in as a beginner dance-fitter will help you to improve your cardiovascular and muscular health. 

Workout from the comfort of your own home and challenge yourself to get faster and stronger in the first 12 weeks you spend dancing the pounds away. 

***NOTICE: The music contained in Dance Fitness with Jessica Vol.1, "Dance to a Healthier You", is 100% owned and copyrighted by Drive35 Productions, LLC & Drive35 Music Group, LLC. Once purchased, DVDs may only be exchanged. Refunds are not accepted after product purchase.